Sleep over 

Sean’s been in London this week so CE slept with me. Last night Sally wanted to have a sleep over in Mommy’s room too. There was a bit of drama over who slept near Mommy (Sally did) and they were up early (6:15) but overall it was a success. I’m a bit under the weather so was happy to have an early bedtime. 

Devices first thing…

1st Day Kindergarten

Boo! This got stuck in drafts….

CE woke up in such a good mood. She was amazing this AM! I always remember that little girl who cried and clung to us every day at Giddens drop off the entire first year, and now our big girl is riding a school bus and going to kindergarten! She looked a bit nervous, but I could see her sitting on the bus next to her bestie Nora, both with big grins on their faces. I think she loves the independence. Sniff. Sniff. 
Waiting at the bus stop. Bus supposed to arrive at 7:59, but was about 5 minutes late. The parents with their kindergarteners! Trying to run from being photographed. 

The Talbots met them on the other side, still smiling! 

CE forgot to wear her new boots! 

First day was a success!

First day of preschool

Sally had a great first day. No tears, went into the room and got right down to business; exploring and playing with all the new toys.  We tried to say goodbye but she couldn’t have cared less 😊

Excited for her, she’ll have a great year with Steve & Taryn!

Look at the sun! (Wild fire smoke haze making for interest sun rise and sets.) 

Drop off, getting mad about all the picture taking. 

Sal was all revved up at pick up. They said she did great! Tomorrow is a full day, we’ll see how it goes.