CE goes through stretches of waking me up almost every night, to stretches where it happens once a week. It’s been pretty consistent waking me since school started in September. Usually it’s around 3 AM, I’ll take her back to bed, often getting in and sleeping with her for a while. If it’s after 5AM, I just let her get in bed with us. This is well documented. 

We went to her 5 year check up last week and the doctor asked about her sleep. I explained our current situation. She noted that it’s not good for either of us to have interrupted sleep and recommended rewards for not waking me, sleeping with a gigantic stuffed animal and making sure she isn’t cold. So, she now sleeps with a very large bear, gets a reward (candy cane, Pez etc…) and I pile the blankets on. Since last Friday, she hasn’t woke me once! Could be the changes, could be hearing the doctor talk, or perhaps it’s that she’s on Christmas break from school. Either way, enjoying the change!

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