Not cooperating 

Pretty much sums up Sally C lately. 3 is almost here. Sigh. 

I spent the morning with Sal yesterday. We stopped at Gaswork. 

Today teacher Steve Taylor came for a home visit to meet Sally! Giddens starts in 2.5 weeks! But first, VACATION! 

Cape Disappointment 

We arrived at campsite 174 to meet the Talbots at 6:30 PM Thursday. Later than planned. Camping was great, but man, it’s a lot of work! The kids had a blast. The weather was overcast and cool. We saw the sun (finally) during an afternoon outing to Astoria Saturday. I love that town! The sun showed up Sunday after a night filled with rain at the campground. Girls got a bit of sun and sand. It was a long day breaking camp and driving home. But glad to be back! Glad we survived!

My phone was out of juice most of the weekend so not a lot of pictures. Thankfully the Talbots got some!

Astor’s Column a/k/a Astor’s ShaftWalked to the top to fly wooden planes!

Astoria, if I ever need the witness protection program, my top choice! 

Oyster shots. Yum!

Kings frozen custard